by Mohit Gupta / June- 2020


You gave your first exam to get admitted in your school and since then, you have been giving exams till now. With exams comes a fear of failure or a hope for success. But have you interrogated that after each exam, you are not the same person as you were yesterday? This may sound illogical, but you can answer this question yourself. Introspect yourself. You learned a lot to pass the exam. Is your knowledge level same as it was earlier? You were under stress during this entire time. Haven�t you learned handling all these stress situations now? When you were struggling to find the answer to a question during your test , did you notice that you were mastering the skill of problem solving and decision making? Now, there are endless questions that you can ask from yourself after any exam. And the answers to these questions will probably make you feel confident. All you need to do is look for your personality growth instead of focusing on the results. Appreciate yourself if you succeed. But don�t forget to do the same if you somehow get failed. Because difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to realize your hidden potential and power. More than success, rejection teaches you a lot more. So, instead of getting disheartened from failure, start analyzing and learning from it .Remember, you only fail when you stop trying. The entire preparation process transforms you into a person with better understanding and deeper perspective. It teaches you some life-changing lessons that no book can ever teach you. The spirit of never giving up and learning from your failures motivate you in all spells of life. You start knowing the worth of time, discipline, sincerity and patience. You develop a positive attitude towards life. Knowledge and hard work never go in vain. Similarly, these lessons you learn whilst the preparation of exams help you to achieve success in whatever you do. Because at times of hardships, they will motivate you to stay positive in life. So, all the aspirants out there, you are warriors fighting day and night to achieve your goal. Whether you emerge out as a winner or not, you will still be a warrior who has struggled through all difficulties to become the best version of yourself!

Indian education system and therefore the admission criteria ar extremely competitive. Approx eight lakh students register for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services (Preliminary) examination per annum, of which, cream only cream qualify for the Main exam .To secure admission in prestigious Indian institutes like IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), IIMs(Indian Institute of Management),AIIMS(All Republic of India Institute Of Medical Sciences) etc aspirants had to face through a throat cutting competition.
To surpass in these competitive exams, a student has got to place in an exceedingly ton of toil, intelligence, intense study level and a decent level of preparation.
Not each student gets admission in such institutes, so, several bright minds of the country register for learning abroad in countries like USA, UK, New Seeland , North American country etc that supply wonderful education. .

Another reason is their admission criteria. A student with smart educational record, proficiency in West Germanic language (evaluated through exams like Sat, IELTS , TOEFL) and affirmative, enough budget will simply get admission in universities overseas.

Be Motivated

In India, the well-known institutes principally supply degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) etc as these are the roads additional cosmopolitan by .Now, each student has totally different dreams and aspirations. Courses like fashion planning, building management, film and direction, filming, animation etc are less valued or don't seem to be offered in our country. And if they're offered too, then, the Indian Universities don't give world category education in these areas .So, such aspirants usually go abroad to pursue their interest that provides a ocean of opportunities to decide on from.

Moreover, an international degree from a supposed university may be a feather additional to your cap. it's nice worth each in our country likewise as in international market. It makes your resume stand out from the remainder. So, each penny invested with in seeking foreign education is worthwhile because it enhances your data, temperament and skills.
Students learning abroad get exposure to {a totally different|a special|a unique|a distinct} culture and bear a replacement and different learning method.
Being removed from their country brings them out of their temperature, creating them additional freelance and accountable. They get opportunities to explore the new surroundings, adapt themselves and thus, improve their temperament. Also, they get to fulfill new folks round the globe and grow their network.
So, altogether, learning abroad makes them a valuable plus for his or her country likewise as for the planet.

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Hence, whether or not you are taking a road less travelled by or additional travelled by, if learning abroad is your childhood dream, then, you ought to modification it into reality. Education isn't the educational of facts, however the coaching of the mind to assume. And learning abroad will certainly provides a boost to your education and career. a good learning expertise awaits you!!!

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