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Introduction to the concept of Digital Education

/ Why to switch to Home Schooling?

by Achal Gupta / June- 2020


E learning generally referred as e- education or electronic learning is an act of sharing info through electronic media based totally setup throughout that lecturers and student fanciful at distant secluded from each other but the intentions are to create atmosphere an surroundings of education. In easier words e-learning is that replacement of primary available technique of education. Typically, e-learning takes place with the help of web, where the scholar can access to material needed and anytime. the foremost used technique of e-learning area unit through webonline courses and videos.

As we all know the earth is laid low with world pandemic and countries are from slump, economic condition of business sectors is poor and but at an equivalent time e-learning is that the platform that's reshaping and growing apace.
From the very initial day of announcement of Lock down the nationwide usage of internet has exaggerated by forty seven % during the amount, it's clear that people have become heaps of reliable over internet, instead of fancying televisions enjoy likes to look at Netflix and so-on.
Since, it fully wasn't potential to continue with the conventional technique of education throughout the worldwide pandemic, a new-form of teaching came into existence or tons of clearly people interacts with the new style of education that's "E-learning".


Why E-learning?

Since world pandemic is that the foundation of digital education but this might not only be the reason to remain up e-learning

Maximize info Retention: is one amongst the foremost profitable blessings of e-Learning. In step with Brandon Hall (2001 and Rosenberg 2001), e-Learning can increase info retention rate by 25-60%, the following are the benefits listed below.

  • Better Understanding: e-learning may be a platform for the easy and better understanding of the topics.
  • Simplified information: e-learning involves animations and videos that serves in providing information in an simplifies manner and easy means that of understanding.
  • Availability of material: plenty of study material is accessible, merely google a stuff and you will notice material quite enough.
  • Increase Productivity: Self-paced on-line learning finishes up during a ton of upper productivity since employees can train reception, then specialize in their core tasks whereas at work.
  • Cost Reduction: is typically the foremost reason why firms switch from ancient classroom-based coaching job to e-Learning. In-house coaching job tends to be terribly dear, primarily due to the requirement for an knowledgeable trainer who will deliver it and who will facilitate employees improve their info and skills.

Future look of E-Learning

Though world pandemic is that the predominant factor in sustaining e-learning, plenty of institute have recognized the potential. the end of the day of on-line education is growing exponentially, plenty of e-learning platform have taken birth providing higher quality learning and education. However, we should always not get prior to ourselves. While the world of on-line education is undoubtedly an exciting world to be in, many student are uncomfortable with internet learning and still prefers ancient model of learning.

Problems faced in E-learning

Although in Republic of India web is offered to everybody and cost- economical too however because of mounted mind-set, plenty of lecturers did not deliver verity education, the common issues are listed below.
  • Lack of Awareness - by this i do not mean that lecturers lack information in subject material however they do not apprehend what are the technologies accessible within the market thus to deliver their subject material in a good manner.
  • Poor Video Quality - though lecturers aren't skilled camera persons, the recording done is in terribly poor quality as they use poor resolution settings in their mobile.A lot of skillful technologies are accessible however because of lesser data and in-sufficient sum a lecturer could not afford them.
  • mounted subject material -When you'll not simply exchange front of your category and teach, you've got to admit resources to try and do the work for you though the topic matter accessible to teacher is sweet however is in-effective in stealing the eye of learner, therefore creating the lectures boring and uninteresting.
  • uninteresting setting atmosphere - Students aren’t the sole ones whom may feel diminished answerableness during a distance education setting. It is a struggle for lecturers too. Since lecturers are not habitual for are area settings, they felt awkward in recording the lectures and sharing them or taking online-live categories.

Teaching Online:

In this section I'm aiming to remark a way to teach using online techniques, there would be some tips and tricks that may assist you to spice up your on-line course and teaching.


  • Organize- the simplest task a lecturer will do is to arrange the subject logically and consecutive, it'll create it straightforward for college students to grasp lecture simply and might access lectures simply for revision purpose.
  • Making content Engaging- By this I mean, rather than recording a straight lecture for continious for an hour or 2 try and insert animations and videos in lecture to form it additional fascinating and interesting, if you google the things you'll notice heaps of videos associated with your topics.
  • Be curt - attempt solely to incorporate the topics that are vital for a student to be known , pay a touch attention over minor details and conclude a subject among five - ten minute.
  • Stay targeted - Once you begin explaining a subject try and stay targeted, discuss one major topic per lecture, and target providing enough detail, thus on forestall content overloading.
  • Present Visually - instead of recording a lecture, a lecturer should target finding the right visuals of text and lecture, if you may substitute for the video section, by some sort of image/animation/meme this might be the simplest practice.


Delivering on-line coaching is a small amount overwhelming if you're unsure of wherever to start. you'll have a good on-line platform for your course, however would like facilitate making some interactive, relevant course material. So, we've place here some tips which may assist you .
  • Know about your E-learning Platform.
  • Teach students to use the E-learning platform.
  • notice technology that helps you – Apps & Services
  • notice technology that helps – package
  • Get the proper instrumentality
  • Backups & Contingency Plans
  • produce selection (videos, images, PDFs, texts etc)
  • Quote:

    "Online learning is apace turning into one of the foremost economical ways in which to educate the world’s speedily increasing workforce."
    Jack Messman, former chief executive officer at Novell

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